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Interested in learning about life in China? Here you’ll find everything you’ll need to learn about Chinese culture and their language.



Planning a visit to China? Here are travel tips to help make your visit a little easier, more exciting and a lot more fun!



Are you interested in working in China or are you already an expat? Learn how to live like an expert Expat and take full advantage of this great intercultural experience!


ChinesePod International

ChinesePod believes in Immersive learning. We offer a library of resources and more than 4,000 individual lessons which users can access anytime, anywhere.

We enable language enthusiasts to craft their own learning paths while building the foundation to master the nuances of the language.

Our engaging and captivating lessons are the perfect complement to enhance any curriculum. With the lessons released regularly, students will be immersed in current topics and real-life situations.

Outlier Linguistics

Groundbreaking new learners’ Chinese character
dictionary for Pleco, a revolutionary online course that teaches you how to master characters, and more! We created our dictionary to focus on understanding — by showing how Chinese characters work as a system, rather than as a bunch of disconnected single characters to be individually mastered.

BRIC Language Learning

Private business Mandarin classes by BRIC are customized to fit your business goals. If your company has 3 or more people interested in signing up for BRIC’s world class Mandarin Chinese training you can enjoy discounted rates while working to enhance your business footprint in China. The BRIC team has build custom language packages for a number of the world’s largest companies.


Our mission is to provide the most educational, enlightening and fulfilling China travel experience for our clients. With the growing importance of the US-China relationship, we believe that it is principally through travel that one can gain fresh perspectives and understanding. Our goal is to share our passion for China with our clients and to utilize travel as a means to deepen the understanding between our two nations.

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