The People’s Republic of China’s is celebrating its 70th anniversary in a few months and the whole country is a buzz in preparation for the huge celebration on October 1st. 

On the first of October 1949, PRC was founded and annual celebrations ensued since then, often involving military parades and large scale ceremonies to mark the country’s National Day. For practical and financial reasons, the administration decided that huge celebrations of National day should only occur every 10 years. This year marks the 70th year since the founding of China, and the Chinese are not holding back to celebrate the country’s birthday this year.


To commemorate the event, a military parade is set to happen in Tiananmen Square that will showcase the military’s newest and most modern weapons and hardware. The country’s naval fleet is also set to parade for this high-profile celebration, which is why all the vessels are undergoing thorough checks and tests in order to get them all ready in time for the 70th anniversary.

The celebrations started early with the opening of the China Pavilion in Yanqing, what will be the centerpiece of the grand celebration. The pavilion’s architecture represents the Chinese Dream and the great power of China. The structure features the grandest flower show that anyone has ever seen. The flower festival opened in April and its final week will coincide with the anniversary celebration. 


Speaking of the Chinese Dream, the new 17.5-billion dollar, state-of-the-art Beijing Daxing International Airport is set to be inaugurated on the eve of the 70th anniversary. The new airport boasts a unique futuristic architecture that resembles a large shiny starfish that is said to embody the Chinese Dream. China aims to surpass the United States in terms of air transport and this massive new airport would pave the way in increasing air traffic in China in the near future.

In the months leading up to the anniversary, several landmarks including malls and beaches in Shanghai have witnessed flash mobs and patriotic performances by various groups of children and adults, whose performances are aimed at expressing their love for China. 

The General Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee plans to give out medals to exemplary citizens who helped in China’s advancement through their services and contributions in various fields such as national security, economy, education, science and culture and sports. Some foreigners will also awarded for their contributions in preserving peaceful cooperation between China and the rest of the world.

Furthermore, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress also agreed to grant special pardons in time for the 70th anniversary of PRC. The move has been described as a way to increase the public’s confidence in their legislators, and to emphasize that the leaders show a balance of mercy and justice while also protecting the people’s human rights.


The whole purpose of the celebrations is to show and instill patriotism among the people and remember the day when the People’s Republic of China was founded. The other patriotic activities that the committee had planned include tours of the city and the countryside that highlights the development and advancement of the country since founded in 1949. 

The celebrations do not stop there. Some of the other plans for the festivities include some activities to increase awareness and education on the country’s national defense. There are also story-telling activities and thematic reading of books by selected citizens that emphasize people’s struggle and success to achieve the “Chinese dream” in the midst of the political and economic climate, while also remembering the country’s heroes of the revolution.