Emergency Calls in China(Special Service)


Police 110
Fire Alarm 119
Emergency Center 120
Traffic Accident 122
SMS Alarm (Police) 12110
Maritime Search & Rescue Center 12395
Telephone Inquiry 114



1.110, 119 and 120 are the most used emergency calls, there are all free calls. Call 110 when you meet common criminal or public order cases, emergencies and need help. Call 119 when there is a fire breaking out. Call 120 when you need emergency care and first aid. For people’s convenience, if you dial any number they will be handle all three situations.

2.12395 is the national SOS call for maritime accident. On the sea, once the boat encounter collision, stranding, fire, man overboard, sudden disease outbreaks or other accidents which need help, can call the Maritime Search & Rescue Center.

3.114 is a very important number, for even though you can’t remember any other numbers, you can dial 114 to look up the numbers you need. It provides telephone number enquiry information enquiry service. You can also look up the timetable of the train and coach, information of weather forecast, lunar calendar, special restaurant, etc.

source :https://www.chinadiscovery.com/travel-guide/useful-numbers.html