Mandarin Chinese is the #1 spoken language in the world. Below is a listing of some U.S. Universities which have a Chinese language learning program.

The University of Minnesota has offered Chinese language instruction continuously since 1949. The Chinese language program offers a structured sequence of courses from introductory to advanced levels. The curriculum of the Chinese language program is proficiency-based. The goals for teaching are based on the ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Guidelines. Our program benefits from well-trained, talented and passionate instructors who are dedicated to the teaching profession. Their instructional approach guides Chinese language learners to reach different levels of proficiency in standard Chinese and to acquire an understanding of Chinese culture. Through learning in these courses, students will be equipped with the necessary Chinese language skills to further their studies and achieve academic and/or career goals.

The Saint Louis University Chinese program offers a series of courses that focus on linguistic skills, cultural enrichment, and global citizenship.

The program distinguishes itself not only by its systematic approach toward oral and written proficiency, but also by its unique course delivery, which is characterized by community participation in diverse cultural events, academic competitions, and lively classroom discussions. Students will benefit from language mastery that unlocks practical opportunities in international workplaces. Moreover, the Chinese program at SLU presents students the opportunity to cultivate a sense of global empathy and cultural sensitivity that are vital to success in both professional and personal spheres of life.

The Chinese Language Program at Stanford offers first-year to fifth-year Modern Chinese classes of regular track, first-year to fourth-year Modern Chinese for heritage students, conversational Modern Chinese classes at four levels from beginning to advanced, and Business Chinese class. The program also offers beginning and intermediate conversational classes in Southern Min (Taiwanese) and beginning, intermediate and advanced conversational classes in Cantonese. First-year to third-year intensive Modern Chinese classes are offered in the summer.

Universities with Chinese learning programs