Planning a visit to China? Here are travel tips to help make your visit a little easier, more exciting and a lot more fun!

Customs When Visiting a Chinese Family

Customs When Visiting a Chinese Family

If you are lucky, while in China, you will have the opportunity to visit a Chinese family and have a local experience.  In order to get the most out of the visit, try to bring along a digital translator. Your smart phone will work if you have the right apps!  Next,...

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Emergency Calls in China

Emergency Calls in China

Emergency Calls in China(Special Service)   Police 110 Fire Alarm 119 Emergency Center 120 Traffic Accident 122 SMS Alarm (Police) 12110 Maritime Search & Rescue Center 12395 Telephone Inquiry 114   Notice: 1.110, 119 and 120 are the most used emergency...

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Our mission is to provide the most educational, enlightening and fulfilling China travel experience for our clients. With the growing importance of the US-China relationship, we believe that it is principally through travel that one can gain fresh perspectives and understanding. Our goal is to share our passion for China with our clients and to utilize travel as a means to deepen the understanding between our two nations.

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